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June 27th 2007 ADHD: It could be down to breathing badly? Breathing difficulties and snoring are now being seriously considered as a cause of ADHD behavioural patterns.

Thursday 28th June 2007 Breathing technique 'aids asthma' Dr Mike Thomas, Senior Research Fellow at Asthma UK, welcomed the study. "It is also consistent with other studies from Australia and the UK which show that breathing exercises can help to reduce the need for reliever medication and can improve the quality of life of people with asthma

Wednesday 28th June 2006 Beta Blockers for hypertension to be reduced, NICE report.Buteyko could offera safe alternative for many sufferers, see section on hypertension.

Monday, 19 June 2006, Treatment could save asthma cash. A Cornish GP who has carried out a pilot study of a drugs-free asthma treatment says it could save the NHS millions of pounds

9th June 2006 Common asthma inhalers cause up to 80 percent of asthma-related deaths, Cornell and Stanford researchers assert :

Asthma linked to Antibiotics used in childhood......Latest research findings March 2006

Asthma- Ignorance or Design?

The Buteyko method has had great success in controlling asthma, reversing symptoms and removing the need for medication, which is why it poses such a threat to the pharmaceutical companies


Asthma inhalers "can lead to attacks."

Inhalers that give short-term relief from asthma such as salbutamol can increase the risk of attacks if the drug is given regularly, a new study shows.

see:Daily Telegraph

Poor sleep & sleep apnoea responsible for many serious motorway accidents. BBC November 2005

About one in six British HGV drivers suffers from a form of a sleep disorder requiring medical help, a study says. If left untreated, obstructive sleep apnoea could lead to potentially fatal road accidents, according to experts. This is not aproblem restricted to HGV drivers, 1-4% of the population suffer from this condition

See: BBC Sleep Apnoea

Concern over major asthma drugs, New York meeting July 2005

Serious concerns over safety of leading asthma drugs. A team of respiratory specialists are meeting to discuss their possible withdrawal. The financial implications of such a move would be serious for the leading international pharmaceutical companies. Perhaps greater recognition of drug therapy dangers will encourage the medical establishment to recommend Buteyko more?

Visit: pdf file of article from New York Times

Regular use of asthma drugs poses respiratory, cardiac dangers Source: Cornell News June 2004 (Thursday, June 17, 2004) Regular use of asthma drugs poses respiratory, cardiac dangers, Cornell, Stanford researchers find in study critical of drug industry

FOR RELEASE: June 17, 2004 Contact: Roger Segelken Office: 607-255-9736 E-Mail: ITHACA, N.Y. --

Physicians who prescribe the regular use of beta-agonist drugs for asthma could be endangering their patients, two new studies by researchers at Cornell and Stanford universities find. One study compiles previously published clinical trials to conclude that patients could both develop a tolerance for beta-agonists and be at increased risk for asthma attacks, compared with those who do not use the drug at all. The second study shows that beta-agonist use increases cardiac risks, such as heart attacks, by more than two-fold, compared with the use of a placebo. Furthermore, the researchers say that their analyses lead them to suspect a conflict of interest among scientists who are supported by pharmaceutical companies that make beta-agonists, among the world's most widely used drugs. This conflict, they say, could be putting 16 million U.S. asthma sufferers in harm's way. Their statement comes as the American Medical Association is voicing its concerns that drug industry sponsorship of clinical tests is affecting the quality of research.


Buteyko breathing can benefit asthma. Asthma UK.29/7/2003

Buteyko breathing exercises can improve asthma symptoms in some people, research has found. The study was funded by the National Asthma Campaign to examine the effects on asthma symptoms of using two different breathing techniques: Buteyko and pranayama, (a yoga breathing exercise).


The breathless way to 'cure' asthma BBC 18/8/98

The National Health Service (NHS) could save a fortune in drug costs if asthmatics used a simple breathing technique, according to claims made in a BBC TV programme. The Buteyko method is based on the observation that most asthmatics over-breathe, or hyperventilate.


Breathing Method Helps Asthma Patients ABC Eyewitness USA 7/17/2002

More than 17 million Americans rely on rescue inhalers to control their asthma. Over the past 20 years, asthma rates have risen 75% in the U.S. and childhood asthma has doubled. But a simple breathing technique is helping thousands of people beat asthma-- in many cases, without medication.


Parliamentary Debate on Buteyko 2002-3


Asthma took away my childhood BBC Monday April 21 2003

Her condition was so chronic that she was unable to manage even a full week at school without time off sick. But last year Kate, from Cambridgeshire, discovered the Buteyko Technique, designed to help with breathing.


Comments from Doctors

'Those practising Buteyko Breathing Technique reduced hyperventilation and their use of beta2-agonists. A trend toward reduced inhaled steroid use and better quality of life was observed in these patients without objective changes in measures of airway calibre.”

Simon D Bowler, FRACP, Thoracic Physician.,Charles A Mitchell, FRACP, Associate Professor. et alia

“The ability to produce marked reductions in asthma-drug utilisation suggests that the pharmaco-economic implications of BBT merit further study. Clarification of the mechanism(s) underlying the effectiveness of BBT is a further goal, given that BBT appears to represent a safe, efficacious alternative for the management of asthma.”

Dr Patrick McHugh, Emergency Department, Gisborne Hospital, New Zealand et alia

"The simple fact is that 34 patients, prior to Buteyko, were costing £15,000 for their asthma medication," he said. "After Buteyko, they were costing £5,000. That's a reduction of two-thirds in their drugs bill. If this was extended to the rest of the country, very significant savings could be made."

Doctor Gerald Spence Glasgow UK

"I have experienced the Buteyko breathing technique both personally and professionally and found it to be a very effective treatment for asthma. I experienced substantial relief and improvement for my lifelong asthma and rhinitis within 3 days of starting my treatment seminar and the results have proved to be long-lasting. I was so impressed that I have now trained as a Buteyko practitioner."

Doctor Kevin Treacy, New Zealand

"Professor Buteyko's principles are entirely consistent with the physiological facts established by medical research 120 years ago. The Buteyko system makes use of the person's own resources and trains them in taking responsibility for their own health. They become less dependant on outside agencies such as hospitals, doctors and physiotherapists, thereby reducing the costs to the health service".

Doctor Godfrey Nelson M.B.B.A, F.R.A.C, G.P

"It changed my life. Before, I could barely walk up stairs now I can manage a 10-mile hike. I was using my puffer four times a day as well as steroids and now I"m off all drugs."

Dr John Stanley of the National Public Health Laboratory,

"The Buteyko Institute Method provides a comprehensive approach to achieving safe and effective asthma control. I find that the Buteyko Institute Method helps control asthma through simple breathing exercises and asthma education, rather than medication. the method respects the doctor-patient relationship, teaching patients to control their reliever medication, only stepping down steroids under medical supervision. This is in line with accepted 'best practice' asthma management worldwide."

Dr Anand, MBBS MRCGP, Newcastle upon Tyne

Just a few of the Doctors who have recognised the potential value of the Buteyko Method, they can't all be wrong?

Ask your own Doctor if he has examined the Buteyko Method and given it a trial in his own practice, if not, why not start now?

Suggest he checks some of the research information here on this site, or contact us and we will send him or her a copy of the "Doctor's Leaflet on Buteyko".






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