Your Breath is Connected to Many Health Problems & More


Breathing is the most vital and most social activity in our lives. Professor Konstantin Buteyko claimed over hundred modern diseases were associated with dysfunctional breathing and did you realize that with every breath you take you inhale some of the exhaled air of every living man and animal on the planet! We don’t all eat from the same plate, we don’t drink from the same well but we do all breathe from the same atmosphere.

Despite the above it is unlikely that your doctor has ever checked your breathing unless you arrived with a respiratory illness; apparently in today’s modern medicine it appears it doesn’t matter how you breathe so long as you do! This is not that surprising, as it is only in recent years that medical training began to incorporate nutrition into the syllabus in any significant way. We are seeing the results of this omission in the rise of childhood obesity that has reached almost epidemic proportions. At least diet and nutrition is now on the medical agenda but breathing is still largely ignored.

The most common respiratory dysfunction is chronic hidden hyperventilation that is already a 21st century epidemic, as over 75% of us in the West suffer to some degree from this health problem and yet it is rarely diagnosed and even when it is the patient is not given the support and training they need to break this bad habit.

I know you probably believe your breathing is normal; well you’ve been doing it since you were born and you have never had a problem with it have you?

Why not check it out today?

Watch this short YouTube video that shows you how to measure your breathing in just a minute

The great news is that we can all learn how to improve our breathing in just a few weeks and once you have re-trained your breathing it stays good without further work. The benefits of better breathing may be more energy, better sleep, better concentration, less anxiety, and a general calmer more healthy life. There are many ways of learning to improve your breathing but only one has been subjected to many clinical trials and shown to be very effective and that is the Buteyko Method. Google Buteyko to find out more or visit our website to download a free app for smartphone or computer that will get you started learning how to breathe better or download free leaflets that explain the breath connection to all the above conditions on the map above.

Michael Lingard BSc DO BBEC Buteyko

Download free pdf leaflets  that explain how the Breath Connection links to the above conditions:

Asthma  Anxiety  Angina  Allergies  COPD  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME  Sleep Apnoea

Sports Performance  Orthodontics  Hypertension  Snoring  Gastric Reflux  Stress