Why every child has to be happy, healthy, beautiful & a genius!

Every child born has the potential to be healthy, beautiful, brilliant and happy.
Sadly we have been all misled by many myths that need to be swept away with reason and research.
These thought patterns go deep into our subconscious and are not easily removed.
I speak with personal experience on this matter; trained as an osteopath with 35 years in the health promotion profession including almost 20 years managing one of the country’s first holistic health centres in, I really though I knew a little about health and its aetiology but it has taken until now for me to get away from all those prejudices that have coloured my thinking and begin to see some of the basic truths.
I hope that I can help expedite this thought shift for others with some of the work I am doing now.

Here are just a few of the myth busting statements for your consideration:

1. Every child at birth has the right genes and the right brain to become a genius, or at least to far exceed any expectations the parent may ever dream of for their child.
2. Every baby can learn to read as easily as they learn to talk.
3. Although education begins at 6 years old, learning begins at birth.
4. Our capacity to learn is highest in the first year of life and falls off year by year till 6 years of age.
5. Beautiful children all breathe through their noses and rarely mouth breathe.
6. Children that mouth breathe have crooked teeth and poor posture.
7. No child needs cows milk for good healthy bones.
8. None of us, including children, need meat for protein and iron.
9. The best teachers for young children are mothers, or fathers or anyone willing to give them the one to one attention they need during this early learning period.

If you have young children, grandchildren perhaps you could spare a few minutes to view this video by Glen Doman that deals with items 1-4 HERE
For items 5 and 6 view my blog HERE or for a full presentation by an orthodontist HERE
For items 7 and 8 go to HERE
For item 9 decide yourself!

PS It has taken me over thirty years to accept most of the ideas above – and I have been in the health care profession!