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One of the aims of TotalHealthMatters! Is to help individuals choose health promoting approaches to complement and support any mainstream medical care they may be receiving.
This is particularly important for those diagnosed with serious medical conditions who want to feel they can help themselves as much as possible rather than leave all their care and treatment to their doctor or consultant. There is also a growing number of people who want to be more proactive with regards their health and lifestyle, they want to give themselves the best chance of a long, healthy and active life with minimum reliance on medical or surgical interventions. The information here will assist both groups and others who are simply interested to discover more about health and wellbeing.
To help focus on the essential areas of help we have compiled a list of some of the most common conditions with recommendations as to the most effective areas for help and support.
Just click on the condition of interest and you will be directed to the information you need without having to sift through the overwhelming volume of information on the internet or from literature.
Needless to say this resource will simply get you started on your researches but we believe it will help you on this personal journey of discovery.
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Star Ratings give you an indication of relevance: * May be helpful, ** Usually helpful & relevant, *** Very useful & most relevant **** Very relevant with good research support.
Over the coming weeks more information will be added, this is work in progress.
Please give us feedback of any natural therapy you have found most helpful yourself that you feel should be added, in comments.