What is the connection between your smartphone & a long heathy life?

Click on this image to refresh your memory of “If”.

If you could increase your energy levels for life

If you could improve your sleep & manage with less

If you could boost your immune system without supplements or drugs

If you could help your body deal better with any disease or condition

If you could be less affected by daily stressors of life & be more calm

If you could improve your golf handicap or other sporting activity by a few percent

If you could save your child from developing orthodontic problems

If you could reduce the risk of heart disease, strokes, and many other common diseases

And if you could learn to do all this with your smartphone for £1.99, why would you not be interested in knowing more?

The connection referred to above is your breathing, the most important activity in your life yet the most neglected area of study in medicine today.

Almost 90% of us in the West over-breathe or hyperventilate and this has profound adverse effects on our health but is often just a bad habit that can be eliminated easier than other bad habits such as over-eating or smoking.

With apologies to Rudyard Kipling’s “If”, sort your breathing out and you’ll be a better person in many ways!

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