UK Asthma Care Failing – That’s Official!

Asthma patients breath 2-3 times more than normal

Inappropriate prescription of asthma drugs,  inadequate A&E support, poor compliance of patients with their asthma management programs and excessive reliance on medication rather than greater education and training  of asthma sufferers have all led to the current situation.

The UK is one of the worst countries in Europe for asthma treatment according to the latest official reports.

The reason for our failures is being put down to inadequate funding, but more cash is not always the panacea.

If every asthma nurse were to teach their patients the significance of breath control based on the clinically proven Buteyko Method there would be two major outcomes; the asthma drugs bill for the NHS would be reduced by half and patients would be better able to manage their asthma with less reliance on drugs and enjoy a better quality of life.

The cost of the additional training would be offset within months by the ensuing savings on drugs, doctors appointments and reduced A&E admissions.

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All clinical trials of the Buteyko Method for the support of asthma patients have demonstrated up to 90% reduction in the need for reliever medication and up to 50% reduction of steroids, reduced coughing, reduced wheezing and less breathlessness along with improved sleep and general quality of life.