The Breath Connection & Stress Explained



Despite the fact that stress is seen as number one cause of serious and not so serious illness, we are rarely given advice from doctors or health workers as to how to cope with this modern problem. The chart above gives a simplified view of what happens when we are subjected to any stress, be it emotional, physical, infection, odd food, chemical or whatever. The primitive “fight or flight” response is triggered instantly that produces a vast array of physiological changes preparing us to fight or flee from a predator or danger. With few sabre toothed tigers around these days compared with 50,000 years ago this response is not so useful as we rarely leap into physical activity but usually grit our teeth and restrain ourselves from doing any violence to anything. Repeated stress events from birth to adulthood cause long-term problems, one of which is a bad habit of over-breathing, or hyperventilation. Chronic hyperventilation produces its own array of health problems that include most modern diseases, most are treated with drugs that suppress the symptoms but leave this underlying problem untouched. This is good news for drug companies and for those who want quick fixes to their health problems.

So that’s the bad news!

Since over 75% of the population suffer some degree of Chronic hidden hyperventilation, the chances are that you do too!

If in doubt check your breathing with this one minute video HERE

Now for the good news!

Anyone can learn to normalise their breathing in a few weeks with the right training and as your breathing returns to normal most of the 1,400 other physiological changes triggered off by the stress reaction are reduced or eliminated. There are many ways of improving your breathing but the one system that has been tried and tested for over 50 years, has been subjected to many clinical trials and has been used by hundreds of thousands of patients  is the Buteyko Breathing Method. This is the foundation of the training given by the Breath Connection and AsthmaCareKent and ButeykoKent.

You can train using Skype and our smartphone app that will work on your computer as well, anywhere in the world or in house in Kent. Courses start at £75 and full long-term support and training for the more complex health cases is around £300.

Get pdf details HERE.