The Breath Connection Skype Training: Distant Learning Course “Getting Started” £75


The Skype Buteyko Training Course is given on a 1-2-1 basis, the following is a guide to what you will learn in a course. There may be variations on content and timing depending on the client’s needs. We aim to improve your breathing, reducing chronic hidden hyperventilation and raising your Control Pause (the Buteyko measure of your breathing) by the end of the course. This will ensure your symptoms reduce and you regain better health. Our Skype name is “BUTEYKOMIKE” Once we have received your completed registration form and course fee & you have downloaded the MyButeyko App for your training on your computer or smart phone you can begin. Three month’s follow-up support & monitoring is usually essential to break what is essentially a lifetime’s bad breathing habit, you can discuss this with us in Part Five of the course.

Download pdf Details of Five Part Skype Course : SKYPECOURSE

Follow-up programme – Optional but strongly recommended!

We commit to giving you as much personal attention as you need to help you achieve your personal health goals. The new MyButeyko app makes real time monitoring simple and effective.

” Getting Started” £75

MyButeyko App Close Support & Monitoring (30 minutes Skype/tel./email support per month) £25/month

MyButeyko App basic monitoring & text/email support as required £10/month

 Tel: contact: 0800 781 2534    e-mail:  

Michael Lingard BSc DO BIBH BBEC