Meat consumption raises mortality rates, analysis of more than 1. 5 million people.

A review of large-scale studies involving more than 1.5 million people found all-cause mortality is higher for those who eat meat, particularly red or processed meat, on a daily basis. Conducted by physicians from Mayo Clinic in Arizona, “Is Meat Killing Us?” was published today in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

The authors analyzed six studies that evaluated the effects of meat and vegetarian diets on mortality with a goal of giving primary care physicians evidence-based guidance about whether they should discourage patients from eating meat. Their recommendation: physicians should advise patients to limit animal products when possible and consume more plants than meat.

“This data reinforces what we have known for so long — your diet has great potential to harm or heal,” said Brookshield Laurent, DO, assistant professor of family medicine and clinical sciences at New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine. “This clinical-based evidence can assist physicians in counseling patients about the important role diet plays, leading to improved preventive care, a key consideration in the osteopathic philosophy of medicine.” More HERE

Go to “The Food Connection” to learn more of some off the research findings HERE

Official Government Advice in Holland; Cut Back on Meat for Health Benefits

As I have repeatedly stated,the connection between our affluent western diet and most of our killer diseases is too well proven not to be dismissed by governments and individuals. Holland has set the pace of change by officially recommending reducing meat consumption and increasing vegetable & fruit consumption. The fuller report can be seen
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Confused what to eat?


After years of confusion as to what is good to eat, I have at last found advice based on hard facts and sound research.

I have avoided giving any advice on diet for the thirty odd years practicing in health care because of the conflicting messages sent out by government, dieticians, nutritionists and most experts in this field.
One year, butter is good for you, then it’s don’t eat butter use margarine based on vegetable oils, then it’s back to butter. Maybe someone found a research paper proving parsnips are carcinogenic, so we’d better stop eating them….. and so on.
This all changed when I first read the book “The China Study“, here was information on diet based on over fifty years of research and the largest epidemiological study in the world, involving amongst many others 800 million Chinese!
This led me to taking the eCornell University training course on Plant Based Nutrition. I was so convinced by the accumulated evidence that I launched my website The Food Connection and recently published my small book “The Food Connection”, that gives a very brief synopsis of all this work; obtainable on my website or from

If you want to learn more about this revolution in dietary thinking I would highly recommend you get to the lecture by Dr. Greger, a leading researcher in this field, coming from America for a lecture tour in the UK.
His lecture is entitled, “Uprooting The UK’s Leading Causes of Death” and will be first held in London on the 28th April 2016 at The Greenwood Theatre, Kings College, London 55 Weston Street SE1 3RA. Admission by booking only.
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IMPORTANT WARNING: You may not like to hear the facts about nutrition and your health but people didn’t want to hear the facts about smoking half a century ago, don’t let us wait so long this time!

Could it be Your Back that’s causing your Health Problem?

Did you know that all your internal organs, your heart, stomach, kidneys, bladder, liver etc. get their nerve supply from your spine? Did you realise that if you have a restriction or minor problem in your back it may be causing or at least contributing to your internal problem? If you didn’t you are in good company as many doctors ignore this vital connection too often. In fact this connection was the foundation of osteopathy and chiropractic therapy over a century ago but over the years we have come to disregard the mechanical relationship and rely more and more on medication to deal with our health problems. As usual life is a bit more complicated than this and if we are seriously interested in the origins or a health problem we must check out the individual’s structure, their diet, their breathing, their stress and emotional state, their work and general physical activity. Much of this is not given adequate attention in modern medicine that seeks to diagnose the pathology then treat it with medication or surgical procedures. The chart above is your guide to how your health may be affected by problems in your back and if you want to learn more about the other factors visit “” to learn about “the Body Connection” ,”The Food Connection”, “The Breath Connection> and “The Mind Connection”

Do all mammals, including us, have a fixed number of breaths in a lifetime?

IMG_1252All mammals appear to have a given number of breaths in a lifetime, about half a
trillion. As a rough approximation divide the breathing rate in breaths per minute into
700 for lifespan in years.View the chart of mammal lifespans & breathing rates HERE

“Better Breathing Means Better Health”
“The perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing” Lao Tzu (4th century BC)
Lao Tzu is claimed to have lived to a 150 years old. Perhaps he only breathed about
five breaths per minute
“The more you breathe the closer you are to death. The less you breathe the longer
you will live.’” Konstantin Buteyko 1923-2003.
We don’t promise great longevity when you train with the Buteyko Method but you
will have better health, more energy, sounder sleep, fewer symptoms and a calmer
life if you breathe better.
With humans, one of the major factors that cause chronic hidden hyperventilation is
stress. Stress triggers the primitive fight/flight response repeatedly eventually
causing the CO2 receptors to accept a lower level of CO2 and thereby establishing a
over-breathing pattern for life if left unchecked.
For more information regarding breathing and health, visit: The Breath Connection

The Food Connection – Discover Why You Are What You Eat!

This small book gives an introduction to the latest research into the remarkable effect of diet on our health and disease.That “We are what we eat” makes total sense, how else could it be? If you wonder whether the diet you have been eating most of your life could be harming you, here is the information to reassure you one way or the other based on the largest research project in the history of nutrition, “The China Study”. You can check your own diet in the “4LeafSurvey” in minutes and discover where you are with regards to your diet and nutrition.
Look inside the preview before you buy, go to HERE
Learn more about “healthcare without medicine” at the Monthly Workshops starting in February. More information HERE Eight evening workshops on Body, Food, Breathing and Mind to give you the tools for better health.

The Trouble with our NHS and our Education System!

Design for failure!
If designing an educational system that destroyed the joy for learning and kept most of us ignorant, or designing a health system that could take away the individual’s responsibility for health that led to a sick society, we couldn’t have done a better job despite all the good intentions of our government leaders!

This is not an attack on all those dedicated people working in both these professions; let me make that clear from the outset. It is the systems that they are forced to work in that create these outcomes.

I taught science for a year as a supply teacher soon after leaving university and saw at first hand the thirst for learning progressively lost as children moved up through the years. There are exceptions; those fortunate enough to go to schools that inspire and develop the thirst for learning, (largely private schools I fear) find they get to the best universities and the leading positions in society. Winston Churchill said he found his schools spent most of the time showing him what he didn’t know, but if they had asked him what he knew he would have done far better!

My experience in the field of healthcare is far more substantial. Based on over thirty years working in the natural health field of medicine, I have helped many people who wanted to take more responsibility for their own health, who wanted to be more pro-active themselves despite a system that has failed to encourage or teach this.

We have produced in the National Health Service, a population that has come to rely increasingly on the doctor, medicines and surgical intervention. Most people now, are either disinterested or dissuaded from doing anything “alternative” to help themselves to improve their own health. Those who have decided to take more responsibility for their own health have had to buy the therapy and support they felt they needed in the form of complementary and natural therapies, and have made other lifestyle changes to improve their health. They find they use their doctor and medical facilities less and less.

At the Brighton International Healthworker Conference in 2004, I was surprised though delighted to hear that the King’s Fund had been given the remit by the Government, to find ways of transforming the NHS from a Sickness Service into a Health Service – unfortunately this transformation been not been achieved in the past decade!

To learn more, visit the instant guide to CAM HERE

Could every child be a genius? Yes! Watch this video HERE

Michael Lingard BSc.Dip.Ost. BBEC

What Therapy? Fast Relevant Therapy Search

One of the aims of TotalHealthMatters! Is to help individuals choose health promoting approaches to complement and support any mainstream medical care they may be receiving.
This is particularly important for those diagnosed with serious medical conditions who want to feel they can help themselves as much as possible rather than leave all their care and treatment to their doctor or consultant. There is also a growing number of people who want to be more proactive with regards their health and lifestyle, they want to give themselves the best chance of a long, healthy and active life with minimum reliance on medical or surgical interventions. The information here will assist both groups and others who are simply interested to discover more about health and wellbeing.
To help focus on the essential areas of help we have compiled a list of some of the most common conditions with recommendations as to the most effective areas for help and support.
Just click on the condition of interest and you will be directed to the information you need without having to sift through the overwhelming volume of information on the internet or from literature.
Needless to say this resource will simply get you started on your researches but we believe it will help you on this personal journey of discovery.
Want to get started right now? CLICK HERE
Star Ratings give you an indication of relevance: * May be helpful, ** Usually helpful & relevant, *** Very useful & most relevant **** Very relevant with good research support.
Over the coming weeks more information will be added, this is work in progress.
Please give us feedback of any natural therapy you have found most helpful yourself that you feel should be added, in comments.

Is Your Doctor a Health Doctor or a Sickness Doctor?

A Serious Question for the NHS
This is a serious question that goes to the heart of our current crisis in the NHS. Most Doctors are trained as pathologists and have very little training in health promotion or natural health therapy. The very word “Doctor” used to mean “Teacher” in the days when physicians had to make do with the few simple remedies at hand and then do their best to understand why their patients were sick and try to motivate them to help themselves as much as possible with good advice. It was in the interest of both doctor and patient to learn how to stay well, as in earlier times even a minor ailment could well prove fatal.
The Foundations of a Sick Society
We have laid the foundations for an ever increasingly sick society, with the rise of the drug industry driven by profits and increased sales, the ever increasing focus on pathology in our medical training and practice and the willingness of the public to be passive recipients of whatever treatment is given them, not realizing that they are the prime movers responsible for their own health or sickness.
The promises of a golden future for us all, of eliminating all the killer diseases known to man, has turned out to be a lie.
I don’t believe the blame can be placed at any one group’s door but we have all participated in this process either through ignorance, blind belief in this promised future golden age or by design where there appeared to be more money to be made from the sick than the healthy.

The Way Forward
I believe without a radical change to the way we provide our health care and a massive public educational programme to teach personal responsibility for our own health, the current system of medical care will be overwhelmed and unable to provide essential services.
This was indeed the essence of a presentation by the Kings Fund at the International Health Workers Conference in Brighton in 2004 that I attended. Unfortunately little has changed in the past decade and the government still feels obliged to pour more resources into our NHS with ever diminishing returns in the way of improved health to society.
Very simply put, more medical care will never lead to a healthier society but to a society increasingly dependent on medicine for survival and a passive population unwilling to take personal responsibility for their own health or ignorant as to how they could do this.
Can the general population be blamed when little support or guidance has been given by the medical profession that is ill prepared for this task, being expert in pathology and disease management but untrained in ethology and health promotion. They too, therefore, cannot be blamed. This is a problem we have all brought on ourselves collectively and individually.
The way forward may be difficult but self-evident; a shift in focus from pathology to ethology, from disease management to health promotion.
TotalHealthMatters! is among the thousands of similar natural health centres in the UK, that have contributed to this change for the millions of patients who have sought the help from us that has been wanting in our NHS.
When will our leaders recognize the vital need for this in the NHS and provide such a service free or even at a small fee? This would benefit all those who cannot afford private services and also take pressure off the overburdened NHS as well. The beginnings of a real health service.

Visit our Health Promotion Hub Site HERE and help yourself to health, take the pressure off the NHS!

TotalHealthMatters! Health Workshops for 2016

A series of Health Lifestyle Workshops are planned for 2016 held on the first Thursday evening of each month from February at 6pm to 7.30pm at TotalHealthMatters!, Hawkhurst, Kent.
Each workshop is designed to give you the information needed to help yourself to better health by learning more about each topic from body mechanics to mind training and by giving you practical advice you can use in your everyday life.
This is a great opportunity to learn from three very experience health workers with over seventy years combined practice supporting their work.
It is also an introduction to tomorrow’s healthcare, based on health promotion, holism and sound scientific research.
Your understanding of the driving forces for a long healthy life will not only benefit yourself but all your family and friends with this added knowledge and experience you will derive rom these workshops.
Book the whole series of eight at the discounted fee of £295 or select the individual workshops that interest you the most, at £45 each. Spaces are limited to only ten participants per workshop but if a space is not available you may be added to a priority waiting list for future workshops.
The Full Course (Eight workshops over eight months) view HERE
The individual workshops are shown below:
The Body Connection Part One HERE
The Body Connection Part Two HERE
The Food Connection Part One HERE
The Food Connection Part Two HERE
The Breath Connection Part One HERE
The Breath Connection Part Two HERE
The Mind Connection Part One HERE
The Mind Connection Part Two HERE