Over-eating makes you ill but over-breathing could be worse!

over-eating-150x150heart-attack-337x300We are all told that over-eating can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other illnesses. We have got the message, so we all keep a watchful eye on our waistline and think twice before indulging in that extra portion of gateaux! A great naturopath Dr Lindlar once said “A third of what you eat is good for you but two thirds is good for your doctor!” Today we might say good for the drug companies who will help us with a pill for every ill.

Well over-breathing could be worse than this! Why? For one reason that over-breathing is not so visible as over-eating that extra cake. Also over-breathing has not yet hit the medical agenda or the medical awareness and thirdly, well, we all know how to breathe surely and we’re pretty good at it aren’t we?

The truth is that I’m pretty sure that you, the reader of this blog, are over-breathing because over-breathing is the new 21st century epidemic but it is the epidemic that has not yet been recognized.

Over-breathing according to Dr Buteyko may be the foundation of most modern diseases.

Check your own breathing out HERE today, I’m sure I’ll win the bet!