Make Food Your Medicine

The first in a series of practical workshops suggesting alternatives to:

“A pill for every ill!”

at TotalHealthMatters!, St Bridgets, Rye Road, Hawkhurst. Kent TN18 5DA.

Numbers limited to twelve per session.

Saturday 27th Jan. 6pm to 7pm “Make Food Your Medicine”

Book early to avoid disappointment, phone Michael Lingard on 0800 781 2534.

or email

£10 per session (Includes a copy of my recently published book:

“Connection” – Towards a broader understanding of health in medicine.)

The Workshop is based on the work of Dr. Colin T Campbell and the China Study, over twenty-five years of research leading to the concept of The Whole Plant Nutrition. There are over 12,000 doctors in the USA and other health workers using this approach to nutrition instead of medication to give a better quality of life to their patients.

Participants will have their diet checked and offered advice on changes to improve their health and to reduce the chance of developing serious chronic diseases.

For more detailed background visit my website