Eat less, sleep less, breathe less and exercise more! How to eat today?

The China Study

When Professor Buteyko studied his patients most would have been eating a fairly wholesome diet with little processed food, hence the simple advice to “Eat Less”. Today we are awash with processed , less than wholesome food. The China Study by Colin Campbell is a ground breaking, very disturbing book that summarises a vast research programme on diet and disease.

Our love of animals, to eat that is , could be the death of us all, is the broad message! You can see a synopsis in charts and recommendations here:  The China Study

You may not like the findings if you, like so many of us today, are addicted to a modern affluent diet rich in meat, refined foods and dairy produce. We have been “brainwashed” that the best diet is good meat, our bones need the best source of calcium as from milk and we could all benefit from a multitude of vitamin and mineral supplements. Well! Maybe we have been told wrong, like we were about deep breathing!