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Stress Management – On Your Smartphone


Stress Management can be literally in your hands today!

There are many systems and methods promoted to take control of stress in our lives, usually involving training courses away from the workplace at inconvenient times.

We at The Breath Connection have developed an App for smartphone or computers, the “MyButeyko  App” that you can use to train yourself to reduce the impact of all stresses you meet in your life.

The common factor that accompanies stressful situations is the triggering of the fight or flight response. This primitive automatic response puts the body on high alert physically and mentally ready to deal with the potential life threatening event. Usually the event is not in the least life threatening but our body does not take the risk and assumes any trigger could be a danger. The fight or flight response can cause over a thousand physiological changes in our bodies and most of them we have little or no control over such as release of adrenaline, increased histamine production, increased output of corticosteroids, increased sweating, raised blood pressure, suppressed immune system, etc. However, there are three reactions we can take conscious control over with practice and they are: muscle tension, mental tension and breathing.

By progressively learning to reduce muscle and mental tension and our breathing rate all the other physiological reactions are also reduced, so damping down the effect of any stress. Your training can be done wherever you are, on your smartphone or on a computer, each exercise may take less than ten minutes and is recorded on your smartphone.

If you are connected to a MyButeyko Registered educator they will immediately be able to see your results and feedback support and comments. You will also be able to track your progress yourself on a graph on your phone. Although you may use the app alone for training  we recommend you connect with  a qualified Buteyko Educator to receive support and monitoring to ensure rapid progress.

Go to our website HERE to learn more and to download the free MyButeyko App.

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How to get that extra 10% from yourself without any effort!



Well the bad news is we don’t have a pill for this!

The good news is that anyone can achieve this extra “zip” in a matter of weeks and at the same time reduce the impact of stress on their lives.

Your body is designed to work very efficiently with very specific requirements just as the best sports car will only perform optimally with the right balance of fuel, air , tyres and driver skill.

For optimal body functioning at mental and physical levels your body requires the right quantity of good nutrition, adequate quality sleep, the right amount of physical activity and the optimal  breathing rate.

For many people today all these factors have been compromised due to recurring stress incidents in their lives; meals are rushed, unhealthy snacks are easy to grab on the go, poor quality sleep leaves us unrefreshed to start the day, our sedentary lifestyles, from bed, to table, to car, to train, to office desk and back home to train, car, table and easy chair in front of the TV means we spend more time sitting than standing or walking and finally those repeated stressors over time lead to constant over-breathing or chronic hidden hyperventilation. It’s a wonder we can function at all!

The Breath Connection training gives you the tools to turn all this around primarily by learning to return your breathing back to normal. This in turn raises body oxygenation  that improves mental ability, physical endurance and efficiency, normalizes  body pH that allows every biochemical process to proceed more efficiently, raises carbon dioxide levels to the optimal 5.5-6.0% eliminating spasm of smooth muscle wrapped around airways, arteries, bladder and gut that cause so many health problems and finally it is almost impossible to be stressed if you are breathing calmly and normally. Does this require a massive effort and expense on your part?

Most people are able to fit the training into their busy daily routine without much trouble and you can get started for just £75 using the latest technology to aid this re-education process, we have an App for smartphone or computer and use the internet  for close support and monitoring throughout your training.  Training can be given face to face or a thousand miles away using Skype.


So, if you want that extra 10% you can learn how to get it in just a few weeks, contact us via the Breath Connection Website, phone us on +44(0)1580 752852 or email us at


The Breath Connection & Stress Explained



Despite the fact that stress is seen as number one cause of serious and not so serious illness, we are rarely given advice from doctors or health workers as to how to cope with this modern problem. The chart above gives a simplified view of what happens when we are subjected to any stress, be it emotional, physical, infection, odd food, chemical or whatever. The primitive “fight or flight” response is triggered instantly that produces a vast array of physiological changes preparing us to fight or flee from a predator or danger. With few sabre toothed tigers around these days compared with 50,000 years ago this response is not so useful as we rarely leap into physical activity but usually grit our teeth and restrain ourselves from doing any violence to anything. Repeated stress events from birth to adulthood cause long-term problems, one of which is a bad habit of over-breathing, or hyperventilation. Chronic hyperventilation produces its own array of health problems that include most modern diseases, most are treated with drugs that suppress the symptoms but leave this underlying problem untouched. This is good news for drug companies and for those who want quick fixes to their health problems.

So that’s the bad news!

Since over 75% of the population suffer some degree of Chronic hidden hyperventilation, the chances are that you do too!

If in doubt check your breathing with this one minute video HERE

Now for the good news!

Anyone can learn to normalise their breathing in a few weeks with the right training and as your breathing returns to normal most of the 1,400 other physiological changes triggered off by the stress reaction are reduced or eliminated. There are many ways of improving your breathing but the one system that has been tried and tested for over 50 years, has been subjected to many clinical trials and has been used by hundreds of thousands of patients  is the Buteyko Breathing Method. This is the foundation of the training given by the Breath Connection and AsthmaCareKent and ButeykoKent.

You can train using Skype and our smartphone app that will work on your computer as well, anywhere in the world or in house in Kent. Courses start at £75 and full long-term support and training for the more complex health cases is around £300.

Get pdf details HERE.



The Buteyko Method for Asthma: Breath training gains Highest GINA (Global Initiative for Asthma) Evidence Rating


The Buteyko Method & GINA





2010: First Appearance of Buteyko in the GINA guidelines


The Buteyko Method first appeared in the 2010 update of the GINA guidelines.  Under the heading of “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, the 2010 version noted that the Buteyko Method may provide a useful supplement to conventional asthma strategies, particularly in anxious patients or those habitually over-using their medication.  This version also began to mention the existence of emotional stress that can lead to hyperventilation and hypocapnia.

2012: Recognized effects

  it improves symptoms, quality of life and/or psychological measures of asthma patients.  It also reduces medicine use. The 2012 update of the GINA guidelines gave a more comprehensive analysis of the Buteyko Method.  The document recognizes that the studies on the Buteyko Method shows that it can improve symptoms, short-acting B2-agonist use, and quality of life and/or psychological measures of asthma patients.  It met the same conclusion as to its predecessor: that the Buteyko Method may provide a useful supplement to conventional asthma strategies, particularly in anxious patients or those habitually over-using their medication.  Hyperventilation is again mentioned in the 2010 version stating that it can complicate the diagnosis and assessment of severity and control of asthma. Unfortunately, in both documents, the authors have decided not to post their assessment on the level of evidence.  They did however mention that the Buteyko Method had some evidence.

2014: Highest rating attained

In the 2014 version of the GINA guidelines, the heading of “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, was removed, and the Buteyko Method (listed as breathing exercises) was included as a non-pharmaceutical treatment option.  It received a Level “A” rating for the quality of evidences.  Although the Buteyko Method is not designated, of all breath training systems that have been subjected to clinical trials for the relief of asthma symptoms only the Buteyko Method has the extent and quality of research. The document also now mentions dysfunctional breathing as an entity that can co-exist with asthma.






The British Thoracic Society Endorsed Buteyko May 2008

The updated British Guidelines for the Management of Asthma have endorsed Buteyko Technique so that GPs and asthma nurses can now recommend it with confidence.

The new guidelines grade the research on Buteyko as a ‘B’ classification – indicating that there are high quality clinical trials supporting the efficacy of the therapy in reducing both asthma symptoms and broncho-dilator usage.

No other complementary therapy has been endorsed by this body for the treatment of asthma. The guidelines are produced jointly by the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network and the British Thoracic Society.

“The Buteyko breathing technique specifically focuses on control of hyperventilation and any ensuing hypocapnia. Four clinical trials suggest benefits in terms of reduced symptoms and bronchodilator usage but no effect on lung function. The Buteyko breathing technique may be considered to help patients to control the symptoms of asthma.”




All trials have shown approximately 90% reduction in reliever medication, approximately 50% reduction of steroid inhalers,
reduction in coughing & wheezing,
improvement of sleep and general improved quality of life 
All without adverse side effects.

The Calgary Trial 2007

“I’ve been astonished and also very pleased with the excellent result. There is no disruption of their life at all by their disease: normal activities; not waking at night; not needing to use any reliever medications. It’s just great…75% control is about as good as anyone has got in any study of asthma. The neat thing about it is that it has no side effects. It’s very safe. The Buteyko technique certainly has been shown to be an important adjunct to treatment.”

Dr. Robert Cowie Respirologist.

See a listing of all recent trials at: HERE

Start your Buteyko Breath Training  from £75 ( $125 )* with the latest technology on your smartphone or computer, 

HERE (For face to face training in Kent UK) or

HERE (For Skype Training anywhere in the world)

* Starter Course.  Full training with six month’s  real-time support & monitoring  £300 ($500)