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Connection – Discover How You & Your Health are Connected to, well, Everything!

After over a century of reductionism in medicine we need to relearn how our health and wellbeing are connected to the functioning of our body mechanics, the food we eat, the way we breathe, our mental state, our family and community life, the environment we live in and much more. We need to restore “Wholism ” or “Holism” to our teaching and practice of medicine if we are ever to have a sustainable health service. “Connection” by Michael Lingard gives a brief insight and practical advice as to how we can start to regain a deeper understanding of health and sickness that goes beyond “Pill for Every Ill”.
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Visit our website for more information and details of “The Real Health Assessment” as a pdf to download HERE . This Health Assessment is aimed at checking the key factors that lay the foundation for your health: your body structure, your diet, your breathing and your stress unlike standard Health Assessments that are designed to identify pathologies; you can usually get the medical tests from your doctor if necessary free of charge on the NHS.

Eat less, sleep less, breathe less and exercise more!


A simple one liner summarises the Buteyko training and despite the fact that the system was outlined almost 50 years ago by Professor Konstantin Buteyko all the latest research into health promotion points in the same direction. Over-eating that leads to obesity and all the related chronic serious diseases is today’s headline news. Lack of exercise from childhood to adulthood has become a major concern. Over-breathing usually as a result of stress or lifestyle is almost an epidemic in the West. The only part of this advice that may cause raised eyebrows is “sleep less”. We still don’t understand why we sleep and what happens to us when we do but it would seem logical that sleep, like any other activity, can give benefit up to a point but thereafter can be positively unhealthy; few would suggest it would be good for us all to sleep 16 hours a day!

Three great books have been published that support much of these ideas with recent research; “The China Study”  by Colin Campbell that examines the failing health of the Americans & others in developed nations despite massive advances in medicine, “Disease Proof” by David Katz that recommends a simple solution to a healthier life , eating less (of the right foods), exercising more and taking responsibility for our own health and “Whole” also by Colin Campbell that describes the effects of reductionism and abuse of power by vested interests in our sickness.

We all have a colossal challenge living in this unhealthy environment to make the lifestyle changes that are needed to reverse the growing health crisis. The work of Professor Buteyko laid the foundation for this new way.

Asthma & The Painkiller Connection with Children

inhalerAsthma is the most common chronic disease among children, with over a million children receiving asthma drugs the UK has the highest incidence of wheeze amongst mid-teenagers out of 56 countries according to Asthma UK but there is no sign of improvement.
There seems to be a link with “harmless painkillers” increasingly given to children with any minor pain.
The paracetamol-asthma connection has been identified by recent New Zealand research that showed increased risk of developing asthma with even the occasional use of paracetamol-containing medication by over 50%, babies given painkillers once a month had triple the risk of developing asthma. Even the use of paracetamol by pregnant women may significantly increase the risk of the baby suffering from asthma or wheezing.
Does it not make for sanity to do whatever we can to get better control of this condition with less medication?
The use of long acting relievers (LABAs) increasingly used for children appears to be another possible reason for the increasing incidence of severe life threatening incidents and have been subjected to repeated scrutiny since 2006.
The Buteyko Method is an effective way of safely reducing the need for drugs used by asthma sufferers. Clinical trials have clearly demonstrated this (See the Clinical Trials section on our website HERE).
For more information on this subject read the Asthma article in “What The Doctors Don’t Tell You”  HERE
Michael Lingard BSc. DO BBEC