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Your 2019 Challenge to Save The Planet & Your Health

Your 2019 Challenge to Save The Planet & Your Health
If everyone on the internet joined forces to ensure a healthy planet for future generations it could solve the survival problem that no government dare tackle.

All you need to do is to commit to a changing lifestyle over twelve months – a twelve-step programme, just a month at a time, click HERE for tips!

January: Try to avoid buying anything made of or packed in plastic. HERE

February: Buy local produce wherever possible. HERE

March: Cut back on your consumption of “stuff”. HERE

April: Help plant a hundred trees. HERE

May: Support your local community any way that helps the environment. HERE

June: Cut out all meat, fish and dairy foods from your diet. HERE

July: Conserve fresh water whenever possible, it’s a scarce resource. HERE

August: Make your own health your responsibility. HERE

Sept: Reduce the use of your car by walking more/using public transport. HERE

October: Turn your home thermostat down a few degrees lower. HERE

Nov: Try to reduce food waste to close on nil. HERE

Dec: Switch your car to any that halves your fuel consumption. HERE

If you want to know what the impact of the above would have on the planet’s future survival as a place fit for human habitation read on!

January: Plastics are based on fossil fuel for production and produce an almost permanent environmental pollutant that will take many years to start to rectify. There are biodegradable alternative materials produced from plants.

February: This would both stimulate farmers to shift to plant food production for humans, reduce the vast energy consumption involved in shipping food to and from warehouses and from abroad.

March: We all are encouraged to consume or buy far more material things than we really need, we need to remind ourselves that every article represents a substantial use of the earth’s scarce resources.

April: With the estimated 4 billion internet users worldwide this would produce 400 billion trees, the most efficient carbon dioxide consumers would remove around 8 billion tons of CO2 per year, that would help balance the residual fossil fuel use. Global production of CO2 from transport is about this quantity.

May: There is a close connection between the health of the planet, the health of individuals and the health of a community. By building stronger communities we would be find mutual support in building a sustainable future for our only planet, the earth.

June: This alone would cut greenhouse gases by between 25 – 50%, stop the loss of the earth’s lungs – the rainforests, reduce the need for food production by 75%, with the right distribution system ensure adequate food for everyone, improve the health of everyone, reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, reduce the pollution of coastal waters from agricultural medicine run-off and animal waste, permit the regrowth of our fauna and flora, especially endangered species, and much more. Currently estimates suggest between 50 – 75% of all grain and pulses go to feed animals!

July: Fresh water will be more valuable than oil in a few years time. Sources of fresh water are increasingly being depleted due to pollution or over exploitation. Producing animal and dairy foods is a major reason for this.

August: If you have already shifted your diet to a whole plant diet and are getting more exercise walking you are well on the way to meeting this challenge.

September: This will go towards the August challenge; taking more responsibility for your health.

October: Just a few degrees drop will save you over a hundred pounds a year and reduce the consumption of energy nationally.

November: Currently we waste over a third of our food. That would feed most of the undernourished or starving throughout the world.

December: Today there is no technological reason why we cannot produce cars that will give over 100 miles per gallon; even this would make a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. This needs to be the most important criteria for car purchase, not its sporty performance.

Michael Lingard BSc. DO. WPNCert.

Orthopath Buteyko Educator Plantrician

Health Without Medicine!

Nothing is new in this world! The great question that we all have to address today is a life changing question:

“Is there really a pill for every ill or can we all learn how to live a healthy life with the right guidance and support?”

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. “- Thomas A. Edison. 1847-1931

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” – Albert Einstein. 1879-1955

” Example is not the main thing in influencing others; it’s the only thing.” – Albert Schweitzer 1875-1965

” It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein 1847-1931

“The most powerful way to restore health is often to do nothing- intelligently.” – Dr. Alec Burton 1930-2016

“There is a Ministry of Health, and the Department of Health. Surely, in the long view, this should be The Ministry, and Department of Public Happiness?” – Lord Horder 1871-1955

“One of the essential qualities of the clinician is interest in humanity, for the secret of the care of the patient, is in caring for the patient” Dr. Francis W Peabody 1881-1927

I am just one among the many thousands of individuals, either medically trained or general members of the public interested in enjoying a long, active and healthy life who are trying to take more responsibility for their own health and well being.

My small contribution is based on trying to distill the essence of many great minds who have studied health and its origins in the past; much of this is on my website HERE that I hope will be of value to others on this quest.
This year we have launched “The Real Health Assessment” Download a pdf leaflet HERE

Does Your Child Mouth Breathe?


If your child, whatever age, mouth breathes rather than using the nose to breathe most of the time they could be heading for many health problems that could be easily avoided.
To be brief: anyone that habitually mouth breathes is at risk of multiple healthy problems from orthodontic to heart disease.
Children who habitually mouth breathe will usually develop crooked, crowded teeth and fail to develop normal facial features. They will be more at risk of developing asthma especially if there is a family history of asthma. They will probably suffer more throat and chest infections than others simply because they are not using their first line of defence; nose breathing that kills most airborne bugs and aids the immune system.
As they get older and continue to mouth breathe they will begin to suffer the many health problems of chronic hidden hyperventilation, anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension, heart diseases, angina,hay fever, gastric problems, breathlessness, low energy, and the list goes on.

Don’t take our word for this why not watch and hear children who have trained this way HERE This is a great video of a number of children from a Glasgow school who are telling their own story.

This is not a new idea but the dangers of mouth breathing were brought to the attention of the medical profession over a hundred years ago in a book published, not by a doctor, but by an artist who recognised the problem while painting the indigenous population of the Americas. “Shut your mouth and save your life” PDF
Or if you prefer a modern scientific explanation visit the notes on connections with many health problems on The Breath Connection website,or watch this video by an Australian dentist HERE

For more information on the orthodontic side visit The Clinic, an Orthoptropic site where I help with teaching normal breathing HERE

Meanwhile, here’s wishing you all a Happy Prosperous and Healthy New Year and remember ” You should breathe through your mouth as often as you eat through your nose!”

As an experienced Buteyko Method Educator and member of the BBEC I can offer any help you may need to learn better breathing, whatever your problem improved breathing will have a significant benefit for you.

Eat less, sleep less, breathe less and exercise more!


A simple one liner summarises the Buteyko training and despite the fact that the system was outlined almost 50 years ago by Professor Konstantin Buteyko all the latest research into health promotion points in the same direction. Over-eating that leads to obesity and all the related chronic serious diseases is today’s headline news. Lack of exercise from childhood to adulthood has become a major concern. Over-breathing usually as a result of stress or lifestyle is almost an epidemic in the West. The only part of this advice that may cause raised eyebrows is “sleep less”. We still don’t understand why we sleep and what happens to us when we do but it would seem logical that sleep, like any other activity, can give benefit up to a point but thereafter can be positively unhealthy; few would suggest it would be good for us all to sleep 16 hours a day!

Three great books have been published that support much of these ideas with recent research; “The China Study”  by Colin Campbell that examines the failing health of the Americans & others in developed nations despite massive advances in medicine, “Disease Proof” by David Katz that recommends a simple solution to a healthier life , eating less (of the right foods), exercising more and taking responsibility for our own health and “Whole” also by Colin Campbell that describes the effects of reductionism and abuse of power by vested interests in our sickness.

We all have a colossal challenge living in this unhealthy environment to make the lifestyle changes that are needed to reverse the growing health crisis. The work of Professor Buteyko laid the foundation for this new way.

Is Your Child Condemned to a Lifetime of Asthma & Drugs?

Asthma drugs

Every parent is concerned for the health and well-being of their children, especially if their child has been diagnosed with asthma. Unfortunately even with good medical support most asthmatic children still live a restricted life, they have to be careful playing sport, often have problems near pets, may have low energy and poor sleep and cannot look forward to ever being free of their asthma and the need for medication.

The long-term use of asthma medication has its own health risks that the parent has to balance against the risks of serious asthma attacks; not a situation anyone would like to be in. No alternative approach is offered or suggested by most doctors despite the fact that there are ways to help any asthmatic child become less reliant on drugs and to enjoy a more normal life.

The most well researched and practically proven method is without doubt the Buteyko Method. It is no coincidence that the Buteyko Method is the only system that is endorsed by the British Thoracic Society because of the high quality of clinical research supporting it.

So the dilemma is who does the poor parent believe? Well if you are struggling with this decision perhaps hearing from children themselves might help you consider the Buteyko Method for your child? In Glasgow a number of schools have used the Buteyko Method after years of sustained efforts by a Buteyko Practitioner Jill McGowan working with Paul O’Connell, an Australian Buteyko Practitioner. The results speak for themselves or to be more precise the children who took part speak for themselves. If you have a few minutes to spare listen to their stories for your own child’s sake, there really is a way of improving your child’s asthma they can learn themselves.  Buteyko in Glasgow Schools (Skip the adverts at the beginning)

If you live in Kent or East Sussex why not take advantage of a free consultation and a chance to discuss this further. Book a free introductory appointment with Michael Lingard, phone 01580 752 852 or


Michael Lingard BSc DO BBEC

“All children who mouth breathe may develop crooked teeth!”

crooked teeth

The link below is a  talk given by John Flutter on YouTube. John is an Australian dentist who has devoted many years traveling the world trying to get this simple message across both to other dentists and orthodontists but also to parents of young children.  LINK
If the consequences of mouth breathing were just an unattractive face that would be bad enough considering how simple it would be to avoid this but the health consequences are potentially far more serious. Any child that normally breaths through the mouth will almost certainly be hyperventilating or in other words over-breathing.

Over-breathing sets in train a host of physiological disturbances that range from respiratory problems such as asthma, through behavioral problems due to poor oxygen delivery to the brain, to serious health problems in later life such as hypertension, panic attacks, and sleep apnoea if this breathing habit continues into adulthood.
Professor Konstantin Buteyko clearly demonstrated these matters from his research in Russia almost half a century ago, a remarkable American artist published a book on this subject over a century ago! (“Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life“) Yet the message has still not been received by mainstream medicine and dentistry. Perhaps this is not unusual as osteopathy has been around for about 150 years trying to make the even simpler message that the body, like any other mechanical system, is governed by the same laws of physics. That structure governs function and function can alter structure. Apparently in the modern medical mind the human body is unique in the universe in that it does not matter how it is aligned or put together!

Older readers will probably recall being severely admonished by parents if they were caught with their mouths gaping, breathing through the mouth. We were told it was rude, bad manners and that flies would get in! This was good intuitive wisdom, the same wisdom that George Catlin found amongst all North & South American Indians in his travels. These “primitive” people never allowed their babies or children to mouth breathe and would gently close the mouth of a baby if ever they found it open. He also found their children were remarkably healthy and all had beautiful features and well developed facial structures. Unfortunately today flip through any fashion magazine and you will see the majority of women posing with open mouths as this is currently seen as seductive and glamorous. I would just remind them to make sure they close their mouths again after the photo shoots to avoid a lifetime of ill health!


Michael Lingard BSc DO BBEC

(BBEC, Buteyko Breathing Educators Council )

Shut Your Mouth & Live a Long Healthy Life!


George Catlin, an American born in 1796, is famous for his remarkable record in paintings and notes of native Indians but his great genius has been almost ignored till recent years. In his book entitled “Shut Your Mouth & Save Your Life” written in 1870 he details his assertions that the bad habit of modern man of mouth breathing was the cause of much of his disease and disfigurement. This was based on his close observation and questioning of thousands of native Indians & white immigrants. It has taken almost one and a half centuries for modern research in medicine to recognize the validity of this concept. Today there is a growing number of specialist orthodontists and health workers who say the same thing based on sound scientific evidence.

On 5th October 2012 there was a Conference in New York of American Association of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry discussing this association. Since then an increasing number of orthodontists are adding breath training to their regular practice services especially with young children whilst their cranial structures are developing. You may like to read the blog “Beautiful children breathe through their nose” on the website referred to below.

Much of the success of the Buteyko Method of training is due to the elimination of mouth breathing, advice against over-eating, the encouragement of more physical exercise and advice on quality sleeping. The ideas are so simple to teach or learn that they have been dismissed by mainstream medicine that increasingly puts its faith (yes, I use the word “faith” intentionally) in drug therapy or other intensive medical interventions.

The truth is there is little profit to be made from simple remedial systems that could threaten the profitability of our international pharmaceutical companies and the vast industry built on the management of disease if the public were better informed of their existence.
Visit our main site <> for more information & perhaps you might like to download George Catlin’s book at <> bearing in mind it was written almost 150 years ago so you may find the style of writing strange but bear with it as it contains a wealth of thought provoking material. Meanwhile “Shut Your Mouth & start on the road to better health!”

Michael Lingard BSc DO BBEC